Testimony of Rev. Melvin Manesh

Glory is to God. I am glad to share my testimony. I was born in a normal middle class family. As My Mom before her marriage devotedly followed the rituals and poojas, People seek her prophecy (Arul Vakku) for their future life. But in her family there was no peace because of a curse that her siblings 9 out of 12 were passed away one after another. She tried all her ways to break the curse but everything was in vain. On one scheduled day, A man shared the gospel to my Mother. The gospel changed my mother and she personally accepted Jesus Christ as her Saviour. After that, the curse was broken and the death was stopped in her family.   When days rolled on, she got married when I was in her womb in the fifth month due to family problem she attempted to commit suicide by consuming sleeping pills. Hence, she was fighting for life in a hospital, she heard the voice of God “If you commit suicide with your baby, you will go to hell.” She realized her mistake and sought forgiveness from God. I could have been deformed in my mother’s womb itself but I was shielded against any deformity in my mother’s womb by Saviour Jesus Christ that confirmed my calling. As in Jeremiah 1-5 “Before I formed you in the womb I know you and before you were born I consecrated you” was the First miracle of Jesus in my life.
When I was three and half years old, the Doctor confirmed that I had TB. In those days medication for TB was a rare one so my mother sincerely prayed with fasting for three days. After a couple of days the same doctor examined me was with great surprise that there was no evidence of TB in my body was the Second miracle of Jesus in my life.
In 1990, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior in a Youth Camp. After completing my Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, I worked between 1996 and 2000 in a windmill power production unit in Nagercoil. In 2000, June 5 early morning 6 o’clock there was a fuse in one of the transformers. Since no one was there in the shift, I thought that I could change the fuse on my own. So I switched off the main and climbed the tower without noticing or knowing that because of overproduction of power and two wires were shorted nearby that transmitted 11000 voltage current in the angle line. I touched the angle with my two hands to change the fuse was thrown away. When I fell down, I thought that I was dead and I was unconscious for 15 minutes. After getting consciousness, I started saying Yeasappa Yeasappa Jesus, Jesus; my right side body was folded and shrank. After some time I was admitted in ICU in Jeya Sekaran Hospital in Nagercoil. I vomited blood clots, blood oozed out of my urine, I bit my tongue and it was stitched in front of my eyes without  

sedation, my BP was very low and my respiration had gone down. The doctor thought that I was almost dead. He could not come back and difficult for him to be alive. If he is alive, we need to amputate his right hand. As in John 11:25 “Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live”. But the faith I had in Jesus worked for me; My BP started to rise gradually and everything started to function smoothly.  My family members, My Pastor and my church prayed for my life in the hospital with tears. In the same windmill before the accident of mine, one employee who had lost his two legs and after mine another employee had lost his life. But God saved me miraculously and gave me a new life. When I was in hospital people told that I could not bear children in my life but Jesus blessed me with three children. Though the doctors told me that my right hand must be amputated, Jesus protected me; if you now look at me, I am quite normal with my own hand which penned a number of songs for His glory. Even in the rib cage that has a deep hole through which you can touch my bone, but the bone was not allowed to be cracked.  Jesus gave me life after death was the Third miracle of Jesus in my life.
Lord Jesus Christ not only gave me new life, but also He blessed me. Now with my family I am pastoring Eternal Life AG Church at Erode in Tamil Nadu, India. God has given me more than 150 songs; they are being used for the glory of God. Like me, if anybody who has been given up and troubled by keeping a medical report, don’t worry. Jesus will do a miracle in your life. Jesus will not forsake you. He will give you new life. Come to Jesus. Accept Jesus. God bless you.

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